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Cryptocurrency Investor Summit 2018 – London

cryptocurrency summit

Hotel Novotel London West 1 Shortlands London W6 8DR United Kingdom

The Cryptocurrency Investor Summit (CIS) is a FREE one-day event designed to give you the edge on cryptocurrencies.

The aim of the event is to help you understand what cryptocurrency is and why it’s viewed as by investors, banks and governments as the gold rush of our time.

By the end of the event, you’ll leave with the knowledge and opportunities to make your money work harder for you than ever before, while also ensuring that your assets are protected and future-proof.

We bring together the world’s top blockchain technology and cryptocurrency experts and providers on a single stage, as it becomes increasingly relevant within the realm of how businesses, systems and processes are run, the paradigm shift is clear, innovate or die.

Organised by Success Resources, the global leader in education and personal development seminars, the international summit will shed light on the nuances within cryptocurrency, and how you can utilise this trend in a safe and efficient manner, opportunities to make your money work harder for you than ever before.


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