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Digital Currency, FinTech, & Blockchain Investors Live Shark Tank 4 Startup

Digital Currency, FinTech, & Blockchain Investors Live Shark Tank 4 Startup

Perkins Coie LLP 1201 3rd Avenue #4900 Seattle, WA 98101 United States

Early Stage StartUp Investors Meeting.

Investors, Angels, and Venture Capitalists Networking Meeting, with Startup CEOs.

To RSVP please go here: https://www.meetup.com/AmericanAngels/

Welcome to this "Angel SharkTank" produced by American Angels.
In our American Angels community in Seattle alone, we've seen and done well over $ 125,000,000 in deals and we aim to topple that this year.

And not only we've seen over $150,000,000 in financial transactions for Startups after participating on our Meetings, but we have undertaken the process of democratizing the Crowdfunding process further.

So let's answer this simple question now:

Are you a great Startupper?

Are you the "One" to get onto the stage, to woo the Sharks and invite them to invest into your innovation?

Are you "Alpha" and do you want Angels, and VCs to spot you?

Are you next to "exit" and become financially independent?

Do you shoot for an IPO?

If you say YES to any of these questions -- then pull up your bootstraps and come to compete here and now.!!!

LIST OF STARTUPS: Startups encouraged to apply herewith by emailing at this email address: One@AmericanAngels.net -- in order to get on the stage and take the 'hot seat' to tell your Startup story to the Investors:

Startups may be funded immediately at the American Angels SharkTank -- as they have been funded many times in the past.

A SharkTank is a Pitch & Demo Startup-expo for all Business Verticals ~ Software / Hardware / All Apps (iOS, Droid, Native & Web) + Any Product/Service.

ENTREPRENEURS from around the world in all markets are drawn to this monthly event because we open the doors to Silicon Valley a world - without any boundaries!

The "Angels SharkTank" - is AMAZING, because we've had Startups funded on stage and then with a New Valuation have gone onward to raise Millions of dollars as you can see from the list below!

Most active group of Investors in Seattle, in Silicon Valley, and in the San Francisco Startup Ecosystems.

Here is where all the Investors in Startups are plugged in...

The Venue provides refreshments, from the moment you walk in the door!

Startups/Founders are judged by Angel Investors, Venture Capitqalists, Industry Experts, Business People, VC's and Angels! Therefore if you want to pitch the Sharks, you better bring your "A" Game!
See list of previous Judges / Sharks.

3:45 PM - Attendee Check in
4:00 PM - SHARKS Networking Mixer
4:15 PM - Investor-Speaker(s)
4:30 PM - 2 Minute Pitching begins
4:45 PM - Discussion about IP and Legal Support
6:00 PM - More Networking - VIP After Party...

INVESTORS: that have appeared and/or judged the Startups at the "Angels Sharks Tank" in this or prior events: Dr Pano Churchill / Green Capital / YCombinator / 500 Startups / Satori Ventures / Lisa Hanna Angel Investor / Bryant Hayward Angel Investor / Paul Hemming Angel Investor / Li Jiang – VC / Karim Nurani Angel Investor / Manny Fernandez Angel Investor / Suzanna Lam Angel Investor / Parul Sahai Angel Investor / Allan T. Young Angel Investor / Bill Sauter Angel Investor /Max Shapiro Angel Investor / Peter Henry Angel Investor / Mike Sarwari Angel Investor / Andy Pandharikar Angel Investor / Gianni Rosas-Maxemin Angel Investor / Reenu Saini Angel Investor / Steven Roussey Angel investor / Gary Starr Angel Investor / Valeriy Kondruk Angel Investor / Manu Das Angel Investor / Anna Dvornikova Angel Investor / Bhrigu Raj Jhabua Angel / Mario Marinucci Angel / Diletta D'Onofrio Angel Investor / Nobility Ventures Andrew B. Bartels / Voivoda Ventures Petar Nedyalkov / Suraj Kumar Rajwani VC / Stella McCartney / Ron Hathaway / Steel Ventures / Bridge Capital Ventures /

STARTUPS: Startups can apply to participate by sending an email with your Executive Summary or pitch deck, here: One@AmericanAngels.net

STARTUP SUCCESS STORIES: Startup success and Funding right at, or immediately after participating in the “Angels Shark Tank” event:
Looksery Sold to SnapChat for $150,000,000 | Reality Shares raised $32,000,000 | Leland Tea Company PE deal $5,000,000 | Bouxite raised $2,000,000 | Whalepath raised $2,000,000 | Eversnap raised $500,000 | Oru Kyak raised 500,000 | CitiBiss raised $500,000 | Kuli Kuli raised $350,000 | Banter raised $300,000 | Tycoon RE raised $250,000 | Queen B Robotics raised $150,000 | Bounty Hunter raised $100,000 | SmartPhoneRecords raised $100,000 | MyFlow Raised $100,000 | UpOut raised 1MM$ Angel round | Ladada sold to a PE firm | Bringsy raised seed capital & accepted into Plugandplaytechcenter | PLANN accepted into Mind the Bridge accelerator

STRICT NON-REFUND POLICY: All Ticket Sales are final. Credit may be provided for future events if you cancel at least 24 hours in advance of an event. There is no credit available if you do not contact us prior to 24 hours before the start of the event.

CANCELLATION POLICY: American Angels Inc reserves the right to cancel any event for any reason. Attendees that have purchased a ticket that is canceled will be notified by phone or email if a valid phone or email address has been provided. Attendees that purchased a ticket for a canceled event will be offered a credit to a future event..

FILM & PHOTO: Please note that video and photographs will be taken throughout the event. By entering the event location during our event, you agree that American Angels, it's affiliates and all partners may use your likeness, image, voice, etc. in photos, videos and in any educational, marketing, advertising or related endeavors for our activities. Being on these premises during our event means that you release and hold harmless American Angels Inc, it's affiliates, and partners, from any claims or actions that arise as a result of this production.

Thank you for your support and cooperation.

Join us as an Angel, and Entrepreneur, an Innovator, an Early Stage StartUp Investor, or as a StartUp Leader and a fellow Tech & Science Geekster...

Are you a CEO?

Are you a StartUpper?

Are You a Leader?

Are you an Early Stage Investor?

Are you an Angel?

Are you an Inspiring Speaker?

Do You have a clear line of sight path to Victory?

Do you have a good Product?

Do you have a Good Product Market Fit?

Do you think that you have a Good Team?

Are you in Fundraising Mode?

Do you seek Angel Capital?

Do you want Venture Capital?

Do you want team members to help You?

Do you want help from the community?

Do you want to help others and their Startups?

Do you have knowledge and experience that you want to share?

Do you seek a position with cutting edge Startups?

Do you want to succeed.... ?

If you answer YES to any of these questions, then come along to share with the Community all of your goodness and your products and services.

Come along to be counted...

And then bring along your team, your co-founders, your company info, and your slides and come to present during our famous ANGEL & VENTURE CAPITAL INNOVATION CHALLENGE NIGHT OF SEATTLE.

This is a bit like a classic Startup "Boxing" Match Competition, but with a twist: No ring, no mean people, no fighting, no funky oversized shorts, no gloves, no punches, no screaming -- only smart people, nerds, geeks, CEos, Founders, Co-founders, computers, slides, and speeches...

Up to 10 smart & INNOVATIVE EARLY STAGE COMPANIES will come to compete on the StartUp stage and Pitch & Demo event.

We will teach you How to Raise Capital... how to scale and how to Win the world.

Ten StartUps compete on their own right to represent their community and to own their turf in the space of Entrepreneurship and Intellectual Scientific Development.

We seek to find and invite the best Pacific Northwest Technology companies that we can take to the Markets with a healthy Infusion of Angel & Venture Capital from our New Fund "Pi ventures" and from our decades long running Angel Capital practice.

We simply aim to help you succeed.

Along these lines we select companies that will represent us in the other areas of our practice across the Pacific, because today Tech leadership is far more important, than even military might... when countries compete in the field of glory.

And we come today to admit that we need to improve the Technological competitiveness of our country, our state, and our city -- because it seems that we are left short changed, and falling behind the rest...

In case You haven't noticed -- there is a Global Competition going on, and our global standing as Innovators is questioned...

The stage is set and you are invited to bring your companies, bring your flags, and bring your friends, to come out and compete.

You are invited to join this unique Innovation & Technology Forum with StartUp technology leaders from China, India, and the United States, in order to see how these unique StartUps solve big problems, and create valuable products & services that serve both sides of the world.

In this version of our Pitch&Demo session, we will also feature the famous STARTUP COMPETITION during our "How to Raise Capital" event in order to support the best of breed StartUps.

This is an international competition amongst local and global Startups with the Top Company getting funded on the spot.

THIS FRIDAY EVENING WE HAVE AN ANGEL PARTY AND YOU ARE INVITED... We are presenting 10-12 New StartUp companies to Angel Investors.


Please RSVP here: https://www.meetup.com/AmericanAngels


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