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When industrial users see a positive ROI on an innovation, they are willing to invest capital, and that’s why, according to a report by Accenture and GE, Accenture + GE, $500B will be spent on Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions by 2020. IIoT solutions combine vertical M2M technologies with horizontal cloud services, Machine Learning, AI, and analytics.

While IIoT is more demanding than consumer IoT – with data security requirements, physical security, long life-cycles, and significant CapEx – the ROI is relatively massive. We’re not talking about turning your Hue light bulb red, but rather saving potentially millions of dollars from operational efficiency resulting from better data, better decisions, and faster responsiveness.

Our panel of IT experts and industrial buyers will share their thoughts on IoT, connected tech, sensors, and of course the big issue of moving from unconnected to connected. Then, we will get their insight on what industrial buyers need – from sensors and monitoring to security, analytics, and cloud services.

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