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Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress


2018 Event Themes
This year for Mobile World Congress, we have developed 8 core event themes to assist you with finding the content that is most relevant to your industries, your interests, and your future visions. You can use these themes to sort through the agenda and build your journey around targeted event content.

The 4th Industrial Revolution
The growth in IOT has meant that every type of industry is now looking at connected technologies to ensure it is ready for the move from automated production and IT, to an automated society. The Fourth Industrial Revolution, as it has been titled, is one of the most complex, inclusive and automated revolutions our society has seen and at its heart, lies mobile. From transportation to how we communicate, automation is creating smarter services and a new way to live life. The MWC audience has evolved in similar fashion to this now huge and complex ecosystem. This theme unravels the complex web of technology trends, partnerships, business concerns and opportunities that enterprises of all kinds need to address to survive and thrive in a digital automated world, and the demands this places on city and national governments.

Future Services Provider
Operators will need to address the fundamental strategic question of where and how they want to compete going forward. What will that look like, what are the strategic options, do they have to invest in content and fixed line, how will they make money and how do MNOs transform themselves, to ensure a bright future? What will the impact of 5G, analytics, machine learning and digitization be on their cost structures, customer engagement and strategic options?

The Network
Networks include everything from 5G and LTE, to NFV, SDN, radio spectrum, core network infrastructure, back haul infrastructure, billing, customer care, mobile device RF components and much more.

We are seeing rapid developments in network technology, offering immense opportunities for lower costs and new business creation. Meanwhile the capex and growth in complexity is daunting. This theme examines what are the opportunities, the technical challenges and what is the real ROI of 5G, NFV, SDNs and many more.

The Digital Consumer
The battle is on to engage the consumer, and the stakes are high. The way consumers interact and transact with companies through digital channels is rapidly evolving, driven by constant and rich connectivity, and data creating new services and interfaces. By employing analytics throughout the customer life cycle, delivering rewarding customer experiences from pre-purchase through product or service end of life, and empowering digital trust, companies will build digital brands that retain customers and rise above the rest.

We dive into what’s happening and what that means for you, personally and as a business, as the data driven, automated, intelligent and personalised customer relationship evolves.

Tech in Society
Connected technologies have the potential to offer huge benefits for society; better government, security, transport, health, education, arts, emergency response and the environment. But a tool without guidance, ethics and craft is useless or even dangerous. What will it take to make a better future and how can we avoid taking wrong turns on the way?

Content & Media
As online services become the primary means of media consumption, the relationships between content creators, distributors and consumers continue to evolve to something richer, more direct, immersive and personal, more complex and tougher to manage, but the rewards are significant for those who succeed.

We dive into the world of VR, content rights, production, acquisitions, partnerships, business models, delivery networks and more.

Applied AI
Machine learning, cognitive computing and AI are being hyped, and with good reason: many of the solutions already enabled today seem to be drawn straight from science fiction and the potential for disruption and innovation seems almost boundless. AI is the key to managing, using and scaling the rich data sets enabled by connected technologies. As a technology and business tool still in its infancy, however, it brings along a complex web of issues and this theme aims to cut through that complexity.

To slightly misquote Wikipedia “Innovation is the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, unarticulated needs, or existing market needs.[1] This is accomplished through more-effective products, processes, services and technologies or business models that are readily available to markets, governments and society. The term “innovation” can be defined as something original and more effective and, as a consequence, new, that “breaks into” the market or society.”

The innovation theme will feature anything that falls outside of the themes above, the most innovative solutions, are after all, often the most unexpected and therefore hard to classify.


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