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Transitions Canada 2018

Transitions Canada 2018

The Waterside Inn 15 Stavebank Road South Mississauga, ON L5G 2T2 Canada

The conference created for business families by business families.

Join us in Mississauga this September for Family Business Magazine’s Transitions Canada 2018.

After overwhelming success across North America, Transitions will hold its second Canadian event from 26 to 28 September 2018 at The Waterside Inn - Mississauga.

This year’s theme is “The Power of Family Capital”. A family’s capital goes well beyond the value of the business and dollars in the bank. In today’s changing and challenging world, families are examining, understanding and building their human, social and intellectual capital to maximize returns and long term success. The program for our event is unique as a family business forum: all our presentations are conducted by business family members sharing their stories and experiences.

This year, our program will include family panels discussing:

1. Leaders, Mentors, and Confidants: Tapping the expertise of your Non-Family Executives.

2. Looking Deep and Wide: Skills and Knowledge Management of and for the Family and Business. Harnessing the unexpected skill-sets in un-expected family members.

3. Leveraging the strengths of the NextGen. Development & onboarding of your NextGen, in or out of the business.

4. Profiles in family governance: councils, boards, assemblies & committees.

5. Philanthropy: Building on the values of the founder, business and family.

In addition, collaborative workshops and expert sessions will allow attendees to drill down even further around understanding Family Capital and Wealth.


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