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IoTBuild US

iot build conference

Santa Clara Convention Center

5001 Great America Pkwy, Santa Clara, CA 95054

A Roadmap For Those Building, Implementing & Monetizing IoT Data, Products And Services

'How do we begin and what is the end goal?', is the common question asked by both early IoT adopters, and those now sprinting ahead of industry competitors by building software-centric services, technology platforms and shifting ecosystems by offering their own IoT products and solutions.

After speaking to 50+ IoT adopters, builders and implementers, the 2nd IoTBuild US grows to bring an event that addresses the need of those who want to profit from building and implementing new software and hardware.

IoTBuild US hosts use cases from those who are already doing what others want to do, with an agenda led by 'end users' rather than suppliers. The first-hand experience shared on stage draws in a community of IoT adopters ready to lead and buy.

Our profiled attendees travel to hear tried and tested knowledge in building business buy-in for new digital applications, making platform, partner and connectivity choices and of course, the capabilities of Edge Analytics, AI, Blockchain.... and all the new technologies they are afraid their competitors know more about than them.


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