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OpenExpo Europe 2020

OpenExpo Europe 2020

OpenExpo Europe is one of the disclosure windows in Technological Innovation, Digital Transformation and Open Source. Created seven years ago, the four-day event aims to promote the open source ecosystem and generate networking.

What is the Open Expo?

The Open Expo aims to introduce the new trends and technologies of open source solutions. This year’s Madrid edition will focus among others on the following topics:

AI, machine learning and deep learning;
Cloud and Hybrid cloud;
Data (smart Data, Big Data, Open Data);
Digital transformation and blockchain;
Smart cities and smart devices;
Open source diversity and open source communities.

Beside the numerous webinars planned in the event programme (to be published soon), the OpenExpo will also hosts a hackathon as well as fireside chats. It will be the occasion for the participants to expand their network and discover new open source solutions.

The event will also host the 2020 Open Awards which recognize and reward the Open IT Innovation projects and initiatives that have stood out the most during last 12 months. They also promote the notoriety of the companies, projects and administrations participating in the awards and value the work carried out by all of them.


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